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Such a great feeling... All the buttons are pressed. Dropping the Keystone is green across the board for its June 1st launch. I'm still waiting to see proofs, so keep those fingers crossed. To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park, "Anything can and will happen."



Dropping the Keystone Art! 




I have a short story in an upcoming anthology from Pulse Publishing! 🤗🤗🤗 It's called 99 Tiny Terrors, edited by Jennifer Brozek. More news when I have an official date on the release!


Dropping the Keystone is still in beta, but progressing nicely. Art will be revealed on Monday!



Dropping the Keystone officially entered beta reading last weekend. I've started finalizing my cover art. It's going to look amazing! I'm working with brosedesignz again, and I've yet to be disappointed. We're getting there, guys!



It's official. Dropping the Keystone is going to be pushed back to June. I was hoping to have it out to my beta team by the end of the week, but I just reached the 70% mark on my final draft. While I won't call finishing by Friday impossible, it's highly unlikely.


I'm not moving The Tacomancer and the Cursed Blood Knife out of October quite yet, but it may be late October as opposed to early.



It's been a bit since my last update. Happy all of the holidays I just missed!


So over the New Year, I was down with Covid19. My husband caught it, too. We're both okay now. Relatively minor cases, all considered, but neither of us felt much like doing anything... I didn't write, didn't update, didn't get much done toward the goals that I have for this year. I'm trying to get everything back on track now, but there may be a few delays either for this year's projects or next years. We'll see where these things fall. As of right now, I'm still aiming for May and October for my two upcoming books.


There is something else in the works. I will share more on that soon!



The Tacomancer and the Cursed Blood Knife is definitely going to be the start of a new series! I went ahead and ordered cover art, so I'll be unveiling that soon! I finished the first draft and there's still a week of Nano to go. I started on a second Tacomancer and I've almost got Dropping the Keystone through its drafting phase. 


And I've got ballpark dates!


Dropping the Keystone: 

May 2021


The Tacomancer and the Cursed Blood Knife: 

October 2021



I'm participating in NanoWrimo! As usual, I'm breaking rules and working on things that I already started. Things are going well for next year's releases. I'll have launch dates for 2021 soon! Ashes of the Past: Book 2 and something that may be its own series. We'll see how that goes. 



YARRR! ME BOOK, SHE BE OUT TODAY!☠ 💜(Yes, I intentionally released on International Talk Like a Pirate Day just so I could do that.) 


Strange Stars and Stranger Songs is not about pirates, but this is the kind of holiday that my characters would be celebrating. 



In just a few weeks, Strange Stars and Stranger Songs is going live! I honestly am astonished that I'm putting out two books in my first year, but I'm going to do my best to keep that pace... Just an all-around update: I'm about a third of the way through my Break Book. Dropping the Keystone (Book 2 of the Ashes of the Past Saga) is going to get run through my finishing process as soon as this Break Book has a full first draft. No firm dates yet, but I'm hoping to have Dropping the Keystone out in spring/summer of next year. 🤞



Preorders for Strange Stars and Stranger Songs are available! Links are in my Books section!




Officially announcing the launch of my second book! Launching 9/19/2020

Strange Stars and Stranger Songs

This one is a stand alone. Slow burn. Sweet, not spicy. Most definitely nerdy.



My old email inbox was apparently not set up correctly and so any emails that were sent prior to this date via this website: I'm sorry, but I didn't receive them. I've created an entirely new inbox, and I've tested it. Things should work going forward.



LAUNCH DAY!!! 🎉🤗🎊🤗🎉

It's been a long journey to get here, and I'm sooooo excited that it's finally arrived! Thank you, everyone that helped make this dream of mine a reality. 

Links for purchase are available in the Books tab on this website. 





This quarantine/lockdown thing has taken everything on a big left turn, so my second book, Strange Stars and Stranger Songs, will be coming out later this year. It will be a stand alone, slow burn, sweet-not-spicy romance, completely unconnected to the Ashes of the Past Saga. Rest assured, my Ashes of the Past Saga will continue. Dropping the Keystone will release sometime next year, and Igniting the Darkness should be in 2022. There will likely be another stand alone (or what I like to call Break Books) in between those two.


Available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon! 🤗


I'm live for paperback and hardcover preorders on! Still working out some issues with Amazon.

Ebooks are ready for pre-order! I've put a button in the Books section that links to all the venues that currently have my listing. Looking at March for physical copies to be ready for pre-orders.

Waking the Burning Valley has gone through formating and everything looks amazing! I hit the button today, so that preorder link should be arriving very soon!

I'VE GOT A WEBSITE! ISBNs have been purchased and all things look to be on schedule for my first book, Waking the Burning Valley, to be available June 1st, 2020.