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I'm live for paperback and hardcover preorders on! Still working out some issues with Amazon.


Ebooks are ready for pre-order! I've put a button in the Books section that links to all the venues that currently have my listing. Looking at March for physical copies to be ready for pre-orders.


Waking the Burning Valley has gone through formating and everything looks amazing! I hit the button today, so that preorder link should be arriving very soon!


I'VE GOT A WEBSITE! ISBNs have been purchased and all things look to be on schedule for my first book, Waking the Burning Valley, to be available June 1st, 2020.

gallery/waking the burning valley_mockup

This quarantine/lockdown thing has taken everything on a big left turn, so my second book, Strange Stars and Stranger Songs, will be coming out later this year. It will be a stand alone, slow burn, sweet-not-spicy romance, completely unconnected to the Ashes of the Past Saga. Rest assured, my Ashes of the Past Saga will continue. Dropping the Keystone will release sometime next year, and Igniting the Darkness should be in 2022. There will likely be another stand alone (or what I like to call Break Books) in between those two.


Available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon! 🤗