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Dropping the Keystone (Final draft in progress)


Igniting the Darkness (First draft in progress)





Untitled Book 1 (First draft in Progress)


Untitled Book 2 (First draft in progress)











What is it like to be born knowing the name of your soul mate? What happens if that name suddenly changes? Khiriellen Fortiva is a member of an Elven clan that believes not knowing the name of your destined mate is akin to being soulless, and altering your fate is impossible. When Khiri steps forward to begin her life with her mate and finds he's no longer the one, her fate is forever altered.


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Ashes of the Past Saga: Book 1

Waking the Burning Valley

Ashes of the Past Saga Books 2 & 3

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Strange Stars and Stranger Songs

Mel's the lead singer of a comedic, costumed rock band, and Leah's trapped in the crumbling wreckage of her marriage. One night, one concert, one crowded venue, these two broken souls brush fingers and feel one of those once in a lifetime sparks. The problem is Mel's stage costume hides his face, so neither of them knows whose fingers they touched.


Drawn together through a world of conventions, cosplay and shared geekery, Mel and Leah have no idea that they've already met once in a crowded room full of screaming fans.

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