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Taking on two audiobooks while trying to get Igniting done may have been a bit overly ambitious. Igniting the Darkness is getting pushed back again. I'm looking at August or September at this point, but rest assured I am making progress. April was a great month for me, breaking through a mental block, and Waking the Burning Valley's audiobook is nearly done! The next post I make here should be announcing my first audiobook going live! 



Okay, so it's been a while since I updated. Just so you all know, I've got some big stuff happening this year!





Sometime this year I hope to have audio versions of Waking the Burning Valley and Strange Stars and Stranger Songs available. They will only be available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes because I'm using ACX to get them made, but this is happening a whole year ahead of schedule and I am extremely excited!


Somewhat less stellar news, I'm pushing the date back for Igniting the Darkness. I've been making progress the last few months, but not as quickly as I had hoped. While I would love to have that early summer launch for the final in my trilogy, I can't give you a subpar book to make that happen. Right now, I'm only pushing back as far as a month.


July 9th, 2023.


That date is still tenative, but I will make every effort to make it happen.






Chance and Change, available now!!!


So this is how this came to be... A friend of mine told me about an anthology and I wrote a story for it. There were some red flags and I pulled out of the project. Rather than shopping around for somewhere else to send it, I decided to launch it as an e-read only. Romantic Fantasy, 45ish pages. Please enjoy!




Just an update—I am making headway on Igniting the Darkness. 🤗


I'm still waiting on responses to most of those short stories I mentioned, but I've heard back on two. One rejection that I immediately sent out again, and one acceptance that I'll definitely be posting more about later.


And if you check out the contact me page, you'll see a new addition—I'm on tumblr now! Stop in and say hi!



Back in March, I fully intended to make good on my promise to get Igniting the Darkness out by the end of the year. But in April, I lost a friend: fellow author Ronan Connors. They wrote deliciously creepy horror and were a big part of our writing group. If you would like to see their work:


While still reeling from that loss, my mother-in-law passed away. Her death was a double blow. Not only were we very close, but she passed unexpectedly with no will and my father-in-law has dementia. A few months were eaten away as we navigated a maze of funeral planning, elder care, and lawyers.


All said, I'm not going to grind myself into dust to hammer out a subpar novel just to be on time with a self-imposed deadline. What I will do, is I will put a solid date on Igniting the Darkness.


Igniting the Darkness, coming June 9th, 2023.


Also, I am submitting to a few more short story contests. 🤞🤞🤞



As promised, I am making progess on Igniting the Darkness. I said I'd give you all a book this year and I intend to make good on my word.


If anyone has noticed some changes to my Charities and Causes page, it's because I've been getting a number of solicitous emails pushing me to add things to that page. I don't want my effort to do a little good to get turned into an advertising space for anyone that ties their product to a cause. I'm not saying that all of these emails are disingeniune, but I'm not going to turn my site into free billboard space.