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First the obvious... Igniting the Darkness isn't out yet. I'm so close, but I've been very distracted by more life stuff. Not another death, thank the stars, but still been spending a lot of time in the hospital and that's all I'm going to say about it.


The good news:

Waking the Burning Valley is available on Audible! I worked with the amazing Maggie Hires and she did an absolutely fantastic job with all the accents and pronounciation notes I threw her way. I'm even more enamored with my characters than I was before, hearing things through Maggie's oration. Please go to Amazon and check it out!


Strange Stars and Stranger Songs is available on Audible! This one was read by the very talented Juan Bravo. I loved revisiting this story with fresh eyes. Juan was meticulous and I'm so thankful to him for his dedication. Also easily found through the Amazon link, and it has a new cover for the Audible edition! Please, go give it a listen!



Taking on two audiobooks while trying to get Igniting done may have been a bit overly ambitious. Igniting the Darkness is getting pushed back again. I'm looking at August or September at this point, but rest assured I am making progress. April was a great month for me, breaking through a mental block, and Waking the Burning Valley's audiobook is nearly done! The next post I make here should be announcing my first audiobook going live!